Corina Fiore Photography | About
My passion for photography began in high school. I constantly photographed the world around me with my 110 camera given to me for my fourteenth birthday. I shot landscapes and flowers, architecture and nature, people I knew and people I passed on the street. It wasn't much of a camera, but that didn't matter. I photographed everything and discovered light and composition. I discovered there was a psychology in getting people to relax in front of the camera and capture life as it happened around me.

In college, my passion grew. I got my hands on my first film Nikon camera, and discovered the science of photography. My passion for the art of photography, the psychology of interaction, and the sciences (I was a science teacher for many years) melded together. I spent hours in the dark room: developing film, anxiously anticipating the life that I had caught on camera.

I graduated from college and became a science teacher, never forgetting photography as my serious hobby. I shot thousands of photos each months, finding what worked and what didn't.

Years later, I became a mother. Of course, I wanted photographs of the entire family to commemorate the births of my children and our relationships. Sadly, I chose a major studio photography chain to capture these images. Looking at the results, I was horrified. There was my family, myself, but I barely recognized us. We were not in a natural setting. Our heads were turned a specific way, our smiles forced. It was then and there that I thought there had to be a better way to capture life as it happened. When I saw professional photographs of my family together, I didn't want to have the memory of that time that a photographer turned our heads and told us to smile. I wanted to see our personalities come through. I wanted to see the joy. I wanted to see each person as they were.

Today, as your photographer, these ideas are my focus. Life is not in scripted moments. It is not staged; it is not posed. I take a few posed shots, and then wait for everyone to relax and be themselves. It is in these moments that personalities shine. I want you to remember life as it was when you look at the images I capture. I want to capture your loved ones or your event as they were, not how a photographer imagined them.